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money matters. president obama claiming credit for the economic address, but republicans have a different case. millions of americans asking where are the jobs? we report, you decide. close call. earl takes a swipe at new england leaving behind damage but mostly sunshine for the holiday weekend. look at where it is now next. and will november be tea time in america? we go inside the tea party for a look at the movement recent election success and the impact it will have on the mid-term elections. hello, everyone. i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. ♪ ♪ uma: does the obama
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administration understand the economy? with less than two months to go until critical mid-term elections, president obama is touting the progress he says his administration has made. but where are all the jobs? and do we really need a second stimulus? julie kirtz is standing by with much more on this story. hi, julie. >> hi, uma. calling this the worst recession of our lifetime, president obama says the middle class has been squeezed the most and promises to turn it around. he spent the weekend at camp david but he used his labor day weekend address to talk about the efforts to create jobs and make college more affordable, cut taxes and overhaul the healthcare system. the comments follow more discouraging news from the labor department that the economy shed 54,000 jobs in august. the unespecially employment rate kicked up to 9.6%. >> long before the recession
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hit, middle class had been taking hard shots. long before the recession, the hard work that built the country had been given short shift. >> the president and the economic team try to reassure americans that better days are ahead, many in the g.o.p. say the obama recovery summer never materialized and it's time to do something new. >> the nation's unemployment rate has now been above 9% for 16 consecutive months. this is despite the fact that the obama administration promised that the trillion-dollar stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. so the question remains: where are the jobs? >> well, expect more talk about jobs and the middle class from the president soon after a weekend at camp david. he hit the road pushing his economic message in ohio and wisconsin, aides say wednesday he will lay out in a speech from cleveland targeted economic proposals, not a big stimulus plan like last year. >> all right, julie. thank you for the update.
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we'll take a closer look at the economy coming up in 15 minutes. steve forbes, chairman and editor in chief of "forbes" magazine will join us and we invite you to stay tuned for the conversation. now to the big storm that wasn't. as you can see from the photos taken from space, early did look mean and nasty out there in the caribbean earlier in week, packing winds of 150 miles per hour, forecasters kept a close eye on the storm. as it threatened the east coast. evacuations order. but mid-day on friday, it was obvious worst of earl was off the coast. heavy rain and blustery winds, yet many coastal areas luckily were left with minimal or no damage at all. new england had been prepared for worst, yet the area managed to dodge earl's rath. peter doocy joins us from a sun-soaked beach on cape cod and it looks like it is shaping up to be a nice labor day weekend there. a lot of folks must be
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relieved that the storm didn't pack the punch originally expected. >> yeah. they are relieved indeed. a few hours after earl left town, a perfect weather day. the tropical storm did not cause damage in chatham, or cape cod but it was powerful when it hit last night. look at the scene at light house beach 12 hours ago. >> the wind and water is still coming in. you look up and see the flag behind me that's how fast the wind is blowing. you see there is the famous chatham light house for miles and miles but a lot of people are out here to see what is going on. they left the flip-flops here and headed out 150 yards toward the water. they rely on that beacon to lead them back to the shore
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but not a good idea. though the waves are not big but the current is very, very strong should someone be unfortunate enough to end up in the water. >> yesterday, they warned they had to shut dun if bridges to and from cape cod if the winds reached 70 miles per hour. most local residents chose to ride out the storm in their homes and i bet they're glad. look at what a nice day it is today. >> peter, thank you so much. >> three terminals at the los angeles international airport have been reopened after a security scare. the term names shut down after airport worker left area from secured area unattended. t.s.a. official says three check points were closed so officers could review the videotape of the area unguarded. in the end, the tapes showed no security breaches. well, a key piece of in
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evidence the gulf oil spill is slowly making its way to the surface. yesterday, b.p. put a new blow-out preventer on the reptured well. the old 300-ton blow-out prevent they're failed is slowly being pulled up from one mile under the sea. the 50-foot stack of valves and pipes that are expected to reach the top sometime today where the government investigators will take possession of it. officials say no oil leaked out in that switch. there is good news for the seafood and tourism industry. government reopened more than 8,000 square miles federal waters in the gulf to commercial and recreational fishing. it stresses from the coast of louisiana to panhandle in florida. the national atmospheric association give a green light saying the fish caught in water shows no sign of contamination. hunt is on for arsonist tied for burning of a mosque being built in tennessee.
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investigators are ruling that the fire at the construction site was set intentionally. lab tests say fuel was used to set a dump truck on fire, even in the wake of ground zero, the controversy over the mosque there, the f.b.i. is saying it will not classify the arson as a hate crime until the suspect is caught and motesive found. the a.t.f. and f.b.i. are offering $20,000 reward for any information to lead to an arrest. police just released a series of frantic 911 calls made minutes after the gunman entered the discovery building. james lee was shot dead by officers after holding three people hostage for several hours and police say the calls immediately gave them a good profile of what they were dealing with. yeah, i saw men on the ground. somebody on the ground. i'm across the street and see
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the security guard with his hands in the air. a man on his stomach. they made another security guard behind the desk get on his stomach as well. >> okay, man, are there cops with you? >> the cos are at the entrance of the building. he came off the building and telling them to move. >> okay, do they have him right now in custody? >> no, no. they don't enter the building. they're still on the outside. >> is he still outside? >> no, he's in the building. he's in the main entrance of the discovery. >> uma: dramatic tapes indeed. lee was known to discovery channel as someone who staged environmental protest at the network in the past. well, does america owe china an apology? white house officials he be this beijing tomorrow to begin talks with chinese officials on a host of issues in the hopes of easing
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tensions. but when a white house delegation traveled to china last march, beijing does the trip "an apology tour." are we dealing with what could be described as the apology tour take two? joining me is "forbes" columnist gordon cane. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the first trip was dubbed as an apology tour for the u.s. for the criticism it received on the currency and trade policy and resistance on imposing sanctions against iran. did you see this as the white house working hard to ease up and in essence apologize for the tough talk and going forward will china use this coming trip as propaganda to say the u.s. understands that china needs to be treated with more respect? >> i don't think the white house is going to apologize for anything, but that's the way the chinese view this. that's the way they viewed it in march when two senior officials went to beijing. the chinese saw it as a sign
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of weakness and said it was the apology tour. it didn't work, because china took positions much tougher after this. it didn't work in march. i don't see why it is going to work now. >> but there are those here in the united states for example who would say it's a sign of weakness with the u.s. going to china. >> that is absolutely right. the chinese need to talk to us more than we need to talk to them. the congress is perhaps going to do something about currency legislation. the house ways and means committee is going to take up the issue on september 15. the chinese need to come to talk to us. we shouldn't send officials to beijing. i didn't work in march and it didn't work in december when president obama had a disastrous summit there. basically, we're not learning from our mistakes. >> here is the other problem, the fact is that the u.s. borrowed lots of money from china to pay its debt. isn't that compromise any hopes for substantive change
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on china's part? there is real fears that if u.s. pushes too hard china can pull out. >> the chinese have been buying less treasury debt. they have to buy treasury debt because the economy is geared to selling things to us and china's economy become more dependent on the u.s. in 2009 over 2008. the chinese is tied to us. they're frustrated. yes, they would like to be shot of the treasury bills but they can't. they need to buy more. i'm not saying that we should be going in to debt further, but nonetheless, chinese are very much tied to on the u. u.s. >> really quickcally. what impact does it have over the iran nuclear provision? >> we'll try to prevent chinese from back-filling, coming in and taking over when the american and european companies leave. i don't think the chinese will listen to us unfortunately. >> gordon, thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> former british prime minister tony blair receiving angry reception at his first
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public book signings a few hours ago in ireland. protesters throwing shoes and eggs as blair as he got out of his car. luckily, though, he wasn't hit. but at least two people are now under arrest. demonstrators were out protesting the british support of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. blair who has been paid a whopping $7 million advance for his memoir called "a y you -- "a journey." arabic language newspaper is reporting palestinian negotiators have undergone an aboutface when it come peace talks with the israelis. reena ninan is joining us live from jerusalem right now. reena, great to see you. so is this up in reporting that the palestinian attitude shifted 180 degrees? is that what you are hearing on the ground there? >> it actually isn't, uma. i spoke to the chief palestinian negotiator who
12:13 pm
tells me he does not share that optimism and it's just too early in the talks to say something like that. he does hope within the one-year time frame that has been put in place there will be on agreement. he hopes it will come through. the next big date is september 14-15 when benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas are expect to meet in sharm el-sheikh, egypt, uma. >> reena, hamas is now saying that the israeli settlers are fair targets. how is this going to impact talks knowing there is possible violence on the way? s>> we have seen hit the week when settlers, and a pregnant woman was gunned down and killed in the west bank. hamas militants took responsibility for the attack. when the peace talks pick up and the meetings take place, there have been bombings and suicide attacks and rocketing, all meant to derail talks. the other problem when you
12:14 pm
announce the exact date and location of the talks, it makes it a lot difficult to be substantive progress. you get a trial by media on focussing on was there progress and what happened? when you get the play-by-play it's hard for leaders on both sides to move forward. it's in everyone's interest not to reveal those details all the time. we know the israeli and palestinian development are expected to meet before the summit but they wouldn't reveal when and where. >> the stakes are very high. reena in jerusalem. thank you so much. ♪ ♪ with the mid-term elections two months away, two recent polls show a sour mood amongst voters, doubts about the economy and president preparing to threaten the democrats' grip on congress. molly henneberg takes a closer look at new numbers out from washington. >> interesting new gallup
12:15 pm
will polls out. saying it's the year of the newcomer. they have four type of candidate, republican serving in congress, republican not served in congress, democrat serving in congress and democrat not serving the congress for whom would they vote? plurality of people picked a republican who has not served in congress, 38%. distant second mace was democrat in congress with 24%. gallup will asked black and white voters if they a lot or some about the mid-term election compared to what people say in the 2008 presidential election. in 2008, both groups were giving the race for white house good bit of thought. going in the midterms, 42% of whites compared to 25% of blacks are thinking quite a lot or some about this november. democratic strategists say previously that the struggling economy is not helping their cause this fall. political analyst say polling
12:16 pm
indicates republicans are charged up to vote. >> turn-out will be through the roof. republicans are excite and democrats are depressed. democrats are depressed because they hoped the economy would recover and they're disappointed. >> lucky for democrats that elections are not today. polls are a snapshot. the snapshot right now tells you basically americans are worried about the economy. >> larry sabato predicted that the g.o.p. will win control of the house and come within a couple seats of winning the senate. it's still fluid. we love watching these things even a couple months out. >> we love the horse race. thank you, molly. >> thank you. the labor secretary says don't believe everything you hear. she will tell you where to find the ever-elusive jobs. that's up next. is the answer to the jobs problem more spending? we'll take a look at the potential for a second
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>> uma: welcome back. well, despite the unemployment figures, the u.s. are insisting that there are jobs out there. in a "usa today" op-ed piece they understand that they're worried about the economy but reaffirms the belief that progress is being made. she has where people looking for jobs can sign up for training courses. with more on the jobs outlook and news of the potential second stimulus plan in the works, i'm joined by steve
12:21 pm
forbes, chairman and editor in chief of "forbes" magazine. welcome. great to have you here. talk for a moment at what is at play. news of a second stimulus package that the white house wants to push. poll after poll shows clearly a ground swell of support for having the government live within its means. the public is fed up with the spending. what do you think? >> the white house is still finding to get away from a very, very bad spending habits. the idea of a second stimulus in this case, they say they will finance it by closing corporate loopholes. the loopholes would put the companies at a huge disadvantage and raise their taxes and another reason they won't invest again because it's form of uncertainty. uncertainty breeds caution. they say there is progress but that's like saying a baseball team goes from losing all of its games to only losing two-third of their game. they are not going to get to the world series.
12:22 pm
we have the equipment -- mixing the metaphors -- of walking pneumonia. we're not in bed but we're not feeling good. >> uma: what does it mean given we haven't seen traction from stimulus one? >> it would have no traction at all. it would be a grab bag of the small business tax credit and the like. they know it is perceived of providing jobs, which they do. the program for what small business needs is drop in the ocean. they need banks willing to lend again but the banks are told by regulators to tighten the lending standards and increasing the capital, that hit small businesses hard. small businesses are crushed by the massive regulation coming from the healthcare bill. you put it together. higher taxes and more regulations, small businesses are getting -- they are in a tough position. >> talk about the basics. why do you think the white house with the members of congress aren't hearing the battle cry from the voters who say more than healthcare, more than tax relief, us's spending they're worried
12:23 pm
about in the nation? >> this president in particular loves spending and figures that's how you get an economy moving. more money that you take from the evil business people or rich people, the better the economy will be. this is a case where the ideology trumps reality. the democrat candidates realize this is not working but the white house, particularly this president is in a bubble and it will take a massive election defeat to pop the bubble. >> uma: two months to go. we'll see what lies ahead. steve forbes, thank you for your insight. >> thank you, uma. appreciate it. >> uma: what is the best way to get the economy going again? we asked you that on thoughts are mixed. majority think we should either do nothing and get the government out of way and let the free market rebound on its own. or extend the bush tax cuts for the rich. log on to to
12:24 pm
chime in. if iraq is considered a success, who should get credit, president bush or president obama? that is just one of the questions we asked on the latest fox news poll. plus, after joe miller primary victory in alka, can the tea party deliver a win for delaware christine o'donnell? we ask someone who literally wrote the book on the tea party. stay with us. #. thanks to t venture card from capital one, we gedouble miles on every purchase. so wearned an l.a. getaway twice as fast.
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>> uma: we are back with the news that president bush is trumpeting his administration's effort to champion the economy. we have more on this. >> hello, uma. the president is highlighting the importance of a middle class and healthy economy. in today's radio address he is highlighting his efforts to create jobs, cut taxes and keep health insurance companies in line. republicans counter in their response but the question: "where are the jobs?" b.p. says it installed a new blow-out preventer on the troubled well in the gulf of mexico. no oil or gas is seen flowing. the old cap will be given to investigators as a key piece of evidence. former british prime minister tony blair had to dodge shoes and eggs and other debris in a signing at a dublin bookstor
12:29 pm
bookstore. "american idol" judge kara is leaving "american idol." in addition to the roll on idol she is a songwriter. word is stephen tyler and jennifer lopez are front-runner to res place her. those are the top stories. do you think steven tyler from aerosmith or jenny from the block are tougher judge? >> i go with steven tyler on that one. >> he may be the new simon cowell. we'll see. >> uma: that should be interesting. thank you, molly. >> thank you. >> uma: the list of worries on the minds of mid-term voters is long and growing. one theme keeps coming up time after time. laura has the latest on the fox news dynamic poll. >> the nation's economy tops the list of concerns for most american voters who took part in the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll, which also revealed who should get
12:30 pm
credit if the military action in iraq is a success. >> the latest poll shows out of the concerns the great zest the nation economy with the voters extremely or very concerned. unemployment is big on the list with 43% of voters saying they're extremely concerned and 49% of voters saying they are very concerned. the poll finds voters are extremely worried or very worried about lose ig thar jos. president bush says passing the small jobs bill is cit a to the economy. >> it will more than double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their company. it will eliminate capital gains tax on key investment so small business owners can buy equipment and expand and accelerate $55 billion in tax cuts for businesses large and small. that make job creating investment in the next 14
12:31 pm
months. >> reporter: it also marked the end of u.s. combat operation in iraq and despite the contentious history, most americans voter appear to have a positive judgment about the country effort in iraq. almost six in ten voters say overall the united states did the right thing by going to war. who should get the credit if iraq is considered a success? 54% of majorities poll named president bush as the person who should receive credit, compared to 19% who say president obama deserve most of the credit. >> if you have want more we have it. for more on the latest poll to go to and click on the politics tab to find everything there. >> uma: laura ingle, live from new york. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> uma: senate candidate christine o'donnell is responding to claims she doesn't have a college degree. this week, right here on fox news, o'donnell says her diploma was held up because of unpaid tuition bill. and she didn't have a "trust fund" to pay for her college education.
12:32 pm
her campaign showed that she does indeed have a degree. as for wednesday, on report on back taxes, o'donnell says the i.r.s. is mistaken and the remaining ballot has been paid and the primary is held september 14. o'donnell owes much of the success to tea party express but will she have the same result as miller in alaska or be the hayworth? will they embrace the tea party candidates if they are elected? joining us is the author of "boiling mad: inside tea party america." kay, thank you for joining us. there is a growing division within the republican ranks that the tea party candidates may be a big headache for the establishment g.o.p. who may not embrace the tea party agenda and aren't used to being told what to do and how
12:33 pm
to conduct business in washington. what say you? >> it's true. from the polls a lot of the tea party candidates are going to make it in november. two months is an eternity in american politics, we know that. is it interesting to watch what you have in washington with candidates that message is anti-establishment and ont government. they will become the message. >> >> that is the message. they don't want the business as usual. republican candidates should know they are watched as well and can't take anything for granted even when voters are angry with democrats, right? >> true. republicans said this after scott brown was elected in massachusetts. don't think it can't happen to you. the voters are upset and upset at the economy and concerned about the economy. they are looking for someone to blame. again, the same change dynamic we had for a number of years and this time it's turned on the establishment republicans as well. >> uma: we hear the tea party
12:34 pm
express may spend upward of $250,000 for o'donnell's campaign for the upcoming primary. what does it represent with clout and influence as we go forward? >> the tea party express did spend money for candidates but delaware is an expensive market. it doesn't buy as much in delaware as alaska. right now delaware is of a longshot than alaska but anything is possible. >> uma: it should be interesting to watch as we move toward november. thank you for that. >> thanks. >> uma: well, the november mid-term and economy will be the talk of fox news sunday tomorrow. tune in for chris wallace interview with john mccain and d.n.c. chair tim kaine. check local listings for the time and channel. the obama administration is considering a significant
12:35 pm
spending increase in the fight against drug violence in mexico. a white house official says the jointed anti-drug effort between the u.s. and mexico remains a top priority. there is an internal debate going on about how much of an increase there should be in spending. top drug lord is held for 40 days while the prosecutors build their case against him. edgar labarbie valdez is the highest ranking suspected drug cartel leader captured alive since 2006. new video in of thousands of people marching in paris today. banging drums and waving french flags as a protest expulsion of roma gypsies from france and other new security measured adopted by president nicolas sarkozy. this was the largest of dozens of demonstrations held across france and elsewhere in europe.
12:36 pm
the french president says measures are needed to combat crime. this weekend, you can golf and feel good about it because you'll be helping ourp troops. fox and friends co-anchor brian hit the links with former president george bush in honor of patriot golf day. >> to the fourth annual patriot golf day for all shapes and sizes and dare i say ability to give back to men and women who serve to give so much to the country and their family. turn it over to the 43rd president of the united states, president george w. bush to officially kick it off. thank you for the invitation. >> looking forward to playing with you. >> you're the only one. [ laughter ] >> i am the chairman of patriots day golf. honored to be so. first, like to play golf.
12:37 pm
secondly, i admire our vets and their families and this is a way for citizens to contribute to a scholarship fund for children who have lost a parent in combat or parent is severely wounded. playing with the head of p.g.a. of america, and keith calhoun, a patriot. honored to give him the purple heart when i was the president of the united states. playing with a social entrepreneur, dan rooney, a fighter pilot that started the program. honored to be with you. thank you for allowing me to associate myself with a worthy cause. people across america can play golf and support children of the vets. a noble and worthy cause. [ applause [ applause ] >> absolutely. to echo my former commander in chief and i'll always
12:38 pm
consider my commander-in-chief. what an honor it is. we know freedom is not free. we are here to honor heath and the other dependants that had someone killed or disabled in iraq and afghanistan since the conflicts started. is it a way for all of us to give back. what an honor through benevolent nature of golf and pgo of america that we have that opportunity. >> getting bigger and bigger each and every year. so many families have been serviced already to give scholarships to them. volunteer. that was a good selection. may i say when you named him that a couple years ago. we could start teeing off and get it underway. is that all right with everybody? >> it is. >> good. >> let's do it. who wants to go first? >> you! >> no! i can't go before the president of the united states! >> how about you start off? >> i can't go before the president!
12:39 pm
>> get another? >> oh, yes, sir! [ laughter ] >> good to be the president. >> yeah. >> coming back. >> all right. [ applause ] >> heath, come on out here. >> heath is not only a person to protect our country but also a paraolympian. awesome guy.
12:40 pm
>> wow! nice shot! [ applause ] >> awesome. good job. >> you sure we're not on a hard break or something that you can't roll in? mr. president, any advice before i go? >> yeah, take a deep breath. [ laughter ] >> might want to take the wires off. >> i can't. it's the whole television thing. [ applause ] >> i have no idea where it went. thank you very much. >> time for us to go on the course and play. all the abilities when you saw, whatever you do, find a way to play golf for the men
12:41 pm
and women who serve our country and giving back. >> uma: think there was pressure on brian for that one? he held up well against the commander and chief, the former commander-in-chief. patriot golf day goes on all weekend. if you'd like to donate to the cause, log on to a great cause. several agencies in washington trying to limit responses to freedom of information request. we'll get to the bottom of that story coming up next. don't go away. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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>> uma: welcome back. 42 years after his death as sergeant he will get the highest award for bravery. later this month, president obama will award medal of honor for sergeant edgeberger who braved enemy fire to help three wounded comrades get airlifted to safety before he was fatally shot in laos in
12:45 pm
1968. he was not given a medal at the time because the u.s. was not supposed to be in laos. some in congress are calling for inspector general office to investigate the way request for documents under the freedom of information act are being handled. catherine herridge has more now on the ongoing investigation. >> 29 government agencies are on notice after two members of congress demanded the way the freedom of information request are handled. the letter from the republican senator chuck grassly and congressman issa questions whether the federal agencies are taking new steps to limit or sensor responses to capitol hill, journalist and watchdog groups. >> those of us on the oversight committee will look into this. how often it happens, how long did it happen. who directed this? there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> the allegation is janet napolitano department
12:46 pm
scrutinized them more closely based on who filed them. the inspector general who act as the internal watchdog are asked if political appointees are made aware of foi requests. >> taking a look at the requests for who the requesters are and who they work for is outrageous. >> scott amey with project on government oversight and questions their commitment to transparency. >> this calls in question the sincerity of the policies when you have politics enter the situation. >> homeland security spokeswoman says the backlog from the bush administration is down from 75,000 in 2007 to 18,000 outstanding requests. for the allegation of politicizing the process, a spokeswoman said any investigation are patently false and no information deemed releasable by the foia office or general counsel was withheld and responsive documents were neither
12:47 pm
abridged or edited. they say the way the leadership is notified about the foia request hasn't changed since 2003 when tom ridge was homeland security secretary under president bush. they want an answer to their request no it later than september 1. catherine herridge, fox news. >> uma: the obama administration is eager to talk about the economy but it does seem like americans like what they're hearing. is the media doing their job in holding their accountable? stay with us. ring ring. progresso.
12:48 pm
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>> uma: here are the top stories we're following right now on america's news headquarters. investigators are waiting to get their hands on key piece of evidence in the b.p. oil
12:51 pm
spill. blow-out preventer that failed is pulled to the surface today and federal investigators will study it once they have it in hand. b.p. says it successfully placed a new preventer on the underwater well yesterday. what is left of hurricane earl made landfall. tropical storm earl hitting nova scotia. earl was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm status yesterday. while it didn't impact parts of the northeast as severely as predicted, it still brought heavy rain, flooding and wind, reaching 70 miles per hour. the security form known as blackwater is facing new scrutiny. justice department has been asked to look into whether they misled the government. they are reporting they form a network of 30 shell companies and subsidiaries to get government business after facing strong criticism for the conduct.
12:52 pm
black water is known as "z" services. spend more and tax less. that is parting advice from christina romer, outgoing head of the president's economic team. romer's replacement hasn't been named. her goodbye speech fell totally flat for liberals and conservatives and now we could be in for a second stimulus plan. here now with her thoughts on how the media is covering the most important issue to americans, the economy, the author and journalist and fox news contributor liz trotta. hi, liz. so -- >> good morning. good afternoon. >> uma: good afternoon to you, too. why is romer stepping down at this time? >> well, the short answer according to the media is she really screwed up. a lot of criticism of her, but not as hard edge if she had been a republican. one thing to remember about the head of the counsel and economic advisor to the
12:53 pm
president, romer, she said unemployment would never exceed 8% and would fall to 7.5% by june of this year if the stimulus was enacted. well, it was enacted and unemployment as we know of friday is at least 9.6%. that is a lot of to live down. when you go out now in washington you go out with a bang and press conference. the news conference at the national press club was a dismal affair according to people who were there. she submitted a long prepared speech but much was cut for time. give you an example of thing cut for time where she throws herself on her sword. she says by february 2009, before recovery act was passed, unemployment was already over 8%.
12:54 pm
by june, before the recovery act could have had much of an impact it was 9.5%. that is our projection turned out to be wrong. even before the recovery had a chance to get off the ground. clear-cut evidence as one could imagine. but the problem was in our assessment of the baseline, not in the effects of the act. well, thank you very much, miss romer for straightening us out on that one. one has to read dayna millbank of the "washington post" to appreciate this episode of now the second very visible economic advisor to leave the president. the first being peter orszag from the budget office. back to dana millbank. he writes in the column about the luncheon and he was there. he said she used the swan song to establish four points, each more unnerving
12:55 pm
than the last. she had no idea how bad the economic collapse would be. she still doesn't understand exactly why it was so bad. the response was inadequate and she doesn't have enough of an idea of how to fix things. farewell to miss roamer who will be on her next job which we understand is the federal reserve bank in san francisco. >> uma: quite a parting, all right, liz. thank you for giving us a close-up view on her exit. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. >> uma: bristol palin says she plans to keep it conservative and she didn't talking about politics. find out what sarah palin's daughter is saying about her upcoming spin on "dancing with the stars." that's coming up next. stay with us. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit.
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12:58 pm
>> is bristol palin going to
12:59 pm
keep a conservative on dancing with the stars? she's got an outfit from the dance competition. the 19-year-old daughter from sarah palin saying she'll forego the barely there outfits and says she hasn't danced much, but didn't think twice about joining the cast and she's not heart broken from the latest breakup with her son's father. as far as it goes, the people are hulahooping and using wii boards as part of the summer games, a tournament aimed at getting americans in shape and shaun johnson made an appearance and the winning team will be crowned tomorrow. good for them. that's all for me here in washington and america's news headquarters rolls onnen kelly wright and jamie colby covering the news from there and stay tuned tomorrow for chris wallace and senator john mccain and tim kaine on
1:00 pm
sunday. check time and listings for the channel. we report, you decide, have a great day. >> hello, welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: great to be with you, kelly. topping the news, angry anti-war protests taking aim at former british prime minister tony blair during his book signing in dublin. >> crews battling a massive fire at a phoenix hotrod shop. what they did is contain the two alarm inferno. >> president obama using the weekly radio address to speak to the middle class this weekend, taking credit for an economy he says would have been much worse had it not been for the policies of his
1:01 pm
administration. meanwhile, republicans are blasting the president saying the promise of a so-called recovery summer has come up short. julie kirtz leaf in washington with more on that. hi, julie. >> hey, jamie, the president is not buying the line from wall street that greed is good, instead he said today, hard work should be rewarded not greed and recklessness and the president used the labor day weekend address today to talk about what he's already done to get people back to, would, make college more affordable and lower middle class taxes. his comments today follow news that the private sector added 67,000 jobs in august with some of the strongest gains in health care, food service, and temporary help, not necessarily high paying jobs. at the same time, the labor department reports the economy should overall 54,000 jobs in august, as many census workers received their pink slips. here is obama this morning. >> we're fighting to build an
1:02 pm
economy in which middle class families can't afford to send kids to college, save for a home and achieving economic security when the working days are done and in the last few years, taking on powerful interests dominating the anyfar too long. >> some in the g.o.p. point to the slow pace of economic growth this summer with the job market still treading water. >> our economy continues to lose jobs and grew to anemic level and our national debt and nothing more than a meaningless slogan. the obama officials say a stimulus bill like last year's measure is not currently being considered, jamie, but with the mid term elections just two months away, the president will propose a new set of ideas they say next week when he travels to the midwest. watch for obama to layout the
1:03 pm
details in his speech on the economy on wednesday, in cleveland. jamie. >> jamie: we will wait for that, thanks, julie. >> sure. >> kelly: hundreds of national guard troops now taking up positions along our southern border. in san diego county they're manning observation points along the area's step and rugged terrain, keeping their eyes peeled for potential trouble. >> they're out here supporting u.s. customs and border patrol by observing and reporting any suspicious activity they might see looking down to the south and through the corridors that are leading north into the united states. >> kelly: they're facing a tough job before coming to the border. the troops were trained in radio operations, environmental awareness and more, their mission is expected to end by next july. >> jamie: a mexican judge ordering a u.s. suspected drug lord to be held in jail 40 more days, his name, edgar valdez villareal, joan as la barbie.
1:04 pm
prosecutors in mexico are deciding whether to formally charge him or transport him to the u.s. where he has charges in three states. he was arrested after three years investigation. >> kelly: bp crews are taking steps to end the ruptured oil well for good and successfully removed the failed blowout preventer from the well head and a working won. the 300 ton piece of equipment is being pulled from under the sea and is expected to reach the surface later today and the government investigators will take possession of it. they believe the blowout preventer is key to understanding what caused the april 20th explosion and massive oil leak. >> jamie: a quick trip up the east coast knocking the steam out of earl and the system thank goodness a tropical storm near nova scotia, its brush with the northeast as a hurricane turned out know the to be as bad and it's important to be at the ready.
1:05 pm
in massachusetts, nantucket, heavy winds and driving rain, fortunately causing little damage. peter doocy is live in chatham, massachusetts. it blew around quite a bit and it's not like the storm didn't present any risk. >> no, that's right. but it's hard to believe, jamie, that earl was here yesterday because look at this, the skies are blue and the sun is shining and people are back at the beach. now, this tropical storm did not cause any major damage on cape cod. and the chatham police department said they have no reports of incidents, but we were outside last night and it still seemed like a pretty strong storm. take a look at this. >> all right. it's about eleven o'clock local time here at the chatham fishing here and earl was downgraded to tropical storm earl and strong winds and rain in the face feels like you're stung by a bee or bitten by a bug or something. and it's protected by a sand bar and the waves don't get big, but the water is very, very choppy and haven't seen
1:06 pm
the people try to get in and sometimes you see the dopes try to serve, but we've seen seals surfing up here where the people are, excuse me. and you can see this is the fishery, most the final weeks of the summer, the boats are here and efmost have been taken out except for this guy and end of the season. and many ended up taking part in hurricane parties, proof that the tough new englanders were not going to have the last official friday night of their summer ruined by a tropical storm. back to you. >> jamie: and you, peter, doocy, based on that video entered elite crowd who can stand out there in a storm like that. congratulations, great work, thanks. >> thanks, jamie. >> kelly: all right. president obama talking jobs on the heels of new unemployment numbers. scheduled to make two big
1:07 pm
speeches next week. he's asked his economic team do come up with new ideas to help boost the economy, but is the second stimulus plan really dead? and what really needs to be done to get americans working once again? here now is a republican consultant and doug shone a democratic pollster and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> kelly: tony, let' get right to it, but say the president is facing a crisis of confidence, why? >> absolutely, people like doug shone and pat goodle and other thinkers saying since january maybe the pivot from health care to the economy and what people are most concerned about. your fox news dynamics poll validates that and jobs and spending are the biggest concerns people face and the fact that the president ignored largely a lot of the calls leaves him with little credibility two months from the mid determine elections to do much. tony says a mouthful as he
1:08 pm
adjusts his ear piece, doug, is he right about that. is he facing a lack of confidence out there, and facing a crisis? >> there certainly is a lack of crisis with the president and the economy. i think where tony is a bit off, saying that the president has ignored the economy, he's proposed a variety of different measures, including extending the research and development tax credit. aid to small business, tax credits for those who hire new workers and the republicans just said no and the republicans and their majority leaders, john boehner are really the party of no. no ideas just attack barack obama. what we really need, kelly is bipartisanship, something the republicans are unwilling to offer. if i can remind you on monday, the president was in the rose garden at the white house and said there was a 55 billion dollar plan sitting on the table. and at that time, he chided republicans, basically saying
1:09 pm
they're holding it hostage. what do you say about this tony. >> first of all, i want to correct my colleague. the republicans don't have a majority leader, they have the minority of houses number one. >> i stand corrected. >> and i hope we change that sooner than later, but in any event-- >> i stand corrected. >> no problem and number two, let's talk about the small business jobs act held up in the senate. every small business coalition of interest has stood behind the republican amendment to eliminate the 1099 mandate for small businesses to file these 1099 tax and accounting measures, which is going to increase bureaucracy, administrative costs and just overall operating costs on small businesses. republicans would support that bill and i think you probably at least have a dozen, if you just simply support that amendment. that's leadership. where is it? >> go ahead, doug. >> yeah, my take, kelly is that we have a paid for small business tax credit and an amendment which may well be meritorious, it's being used as a vehicle to hold it
1:10 pm
hostage. moreover, the republicans, and i've looked at what minority lead leader boehner said had this week and last week, fire the team and oppose the obama agenda rather than proposing ideas like a payroll holiday or extending the bush tax cuts across the board for a year to stimulate growth. there's been no effort by the republicans to meet the democrats halfway and no ideas from the republicans and we're left really with a crisis without any effort, as you suggest correctly, kelly, for the republicans to address the constructive proposals that the president offered in the rose garden earlier in the week. >> kelly: look, adding to that point i would have to ask both of you, where do you see this going? we're getting into the mid terms now after labor day, will be the home run stretch, if you will, getting into november to find out just how many seats the republicans will be able to take and they suspected they'll be able to get the majority of the house, that remains to be seen and doug, getting to what you're
1:11 pm
saying, the republicans have to step up and the democrats have to step up and do something and the president for his part is going out to do two speeches, do we need more speeches or do we need action from members of congress to enact something that will help induce jobs in this country? >> kelly, we absolutely need something that is going to create jobs quickly, which is why the president has to put forward proposals that the republican minority can in fact serious consider like extending the bush tax cuts and incentives to small businesses and the president has to put down the marker and say congress is coming back on the 13th, we've given you a package, bipartisan package and give us a response that's positive rather than political rhetoric and saying no. >> kelly: tony, i know you'd like the last word, but we've got to end it there, buddy. thank you for joining us. tony as well as doug and we'll watch the developments as they progress especially into the
1:12 pm
mid terms, but again, sounds like the it's economy, economy, jobs, jobs, jobs, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> kelly: jamie. >> jamie: new zealand is recovering from a massive earthquake today and dealing with powerful after shocks, it was a mag feudnitude 7.1 quake the second motors popular city was hit and damage to roads and buildings, knocking out power, gas and wat and government officials saying it could be months before the extent of the damage could still be known. >> and actually given that the 7.4 and then the aftershock was 7.1, both significant earthquakes, we're extremely lucky to limit the amount of damage to humans we've actually experienced. >> jamie: for sure. officials say only two reports of serious injuries so far, despite all the damage, but the number of course could go higher. and hundreds of anti-war protesters unleashing their anger on tony blair. the former british prime minister arrived in dublin,
1:13 pm
ireland, to crowds nt chaing war criminal. angry demonstrators throwing eggs aen shoes at blair. he was in dublin for the first public signing of his memoir and discusses britain's war in the iraq wave and the middle east. >> kelly: and size of peace coming out of the middle east talks, middle east peace talks. the palestinian delegation reportedly in a positive mood after meetings with israeli president shimone peres had a good beginning and the arab league or arab newspaper reporting that the palestinian attitude shifted 180 degrees. is that what you're hearing on the ground though? >> no, it's actually a very different picture here, kelly. i spoke this morning to chief palestinian negotiator who said he doesn't share the optimism that that newspaper report has. he says it's just too early to tell where the talks are
1:14 pm
going, but he is hopeful that something possibly could be reached within the year if all parties worked together, but next big crucial date will be september 14th and 15th. that's when both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas will meet again for direct talks in egypt. kelly. >> kelly: one of the sticking points in this is hamas and hamas is now saying that israeli settlers are fair targets. how will the possible violence affect the talks as they progress? >> well, you know, the past is any indication, every time the talks tend to pick up we see increased suicide bombings, rocketing attacks and so expect the violence to possibly pick up and we did see that was in fact the case last week when we saw this week when we saw four israeli settlers were shot down in their car and murdered by hamas militants. hamas claimed responsibility for that attack and that took place just the evening before the big summit between all of
1:15 pm
these leaders took place in washington. and also, kelly. the other problem when you have the media spotlight on the play by play with the talks, it makes it very difficult for there to be substantive movement on these peace talks because it becomes a trial by the media. so, it's very likely that more of the details of meetings in the future and direct talks might not be in such a wide purview of the media spotlight so people won't be wondering who came out on top at every single meeting, but they are expected to meet both delegations, israelis and palestinians before the sheik summit, and the palestinian negotiator told us today that he won't reveal exactly when and where, kell. >> kelly: and rina, the most promising thing of course is that they're talking and we thank you for that report. rina ninen reporting live from jerusalem. thanks. >> jamie: fox news opinion dynamic polls how americans feel as they look to the mid terms and the ones we'll tell you about spell trouble for democrats this november.
1:16 pm
we're going to take a closer look at the numbers and they could mean a major shift in the balance of power on capitol hill and also take a look at the video an intense blaze. firefighters doing all they can to battle it and we'll tell you what happened and why straight ahead. of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more savg. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of updating your bathroom.
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>> a strip mall. two alarm fire. bright orange flames and heavy smoke pouring from the building which housed an auto business. fire crews had no choice, but to let the fire burn because it was too dangerous to enter the building. no word what caused that fire.
1:20 pm
>> topping your headlines, a security scare. three terminals and los angeles international airport back open now, but they were shut down for hours this morning, according to the transportation security administration, an airport worker left an exit unattended. a new blowout preventer is in place on b p's oil well in the gulf and the old one brought to the surface. it will be handed over to federal investigators looking into the cause of the oil disaster. and new zealand's prime minister inspecting the damage done to its country by a powerful earthquake, 7.1, striking yesterday, and initial damage reports topped 1 billion dollars. >> as we discussed earlier, democrats are under increasing pressure with mid term elections just two months away now. and especially with some new polls out there showing voters are none too happy with the party. they're increasing doubts on the economy as the president possibly predicting a mainly shift in the balance of power
1:21 pm
on capitol hill. molly henneberg with a closer look at the polls and molly it may be a good year to be a republican challenger it would seem. >> that's what one recent poll is suggesting and given power types of candidates, a republican serving in congress, a republican not served in congress, a democrat serving in congress and a democrat who has not served in congress. for whom would they vote? a plurality of people picked a republican who has not served in congress, 38%. and somewhat of a distant second place was the democrat serving in congress with 24%. so, kelly, yes, it looks like it might be year for a republican outsider. >> i love the anti-incumbency fever out there. some of the most enthusiastic supporters might not be enthused about the mid term. i understand that some blacks and newcomers could stay away from the poll. >> the party in power often can't keep the momentum going
1:22 pm
even with enthusiastic voters from the presidential election and gallup asked black and white voters if they were thinking, quote, quite a lot or some about the upcoming mid term elections compared to what they said going into the presidential election. in 2008 both groups were given the race for the white house a good bit of thought and look what happens when you're going into the mid terms. 42% of whites compared to 25% of blacks are thinking quite a lot or some about this november and that's quite a difference from 2008, and quite a difference between blacks and whites there. >> kelly: yeah, seems to show a lot of disappointment out there in the electorate and then you look at the economy, an and jobs, and doesn't help things at all for democrats. does it? >> it's a common saying in politics that people often vote their pocket books or wallets and according to what democrat strategists said previously as well as political analysts the economy is on the minds of voters, here is more. >> most voters, fairly or unfairly, look at president
1:23 pm
obama and say he's overpromised aen underdelivered. when a president has that kind of judgment from the voters about the issue they care about most, the economy, is usually results in a very bad election for the president. it's a very lucky thing for democrats that the elections are not today. you know, polls are a snapshot and the snapshot right now tells you, basically, that americans are worried about the economy. . >> larry sabato predicted to the g.o.p. will win control of the house this fall and come within a couple of beats of winning the senate, but it's still pretty early. kelly, back to you. >> kelly: it is early indeed. molly, thank you for the report. lots of polls are out and concerns from you, the voters. in just a few minutes we'll take a closer look how you as an american feel, from tax dollar spending to the war in iraq. >> militants safe havens in pakistan, these are a huge problem for our troops in afghanistan right now. so says defense secretary
1:24 pm
robert gates. but what can we do to get a handle on the growing threat. major general bob scales, he will weigh in right here only on fox. next. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia
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>> welcome back everybody, bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there were angry protesters, boy, they were hurling eggs, even shoes, and they had some harsh language for former british prime minister tone blair when he was in ireland
1:28 pm
and chanting "war criminal" as he arrived in a dublin bookstore for his memoir. >> and a damage at a mosque construction site in tennessee was arson. a $20,000 reward has been offered for information leading to arrest. >> jamie: and a second drill arriving on the scene of a mean collapse in chile will join the effort to reach the 33 miners trapped nearly a half mile underground. they've been there almost a month. >> kelly: the nation's economy is topping the list of concerns for most americans. a new round of fox opinion polls looking at everything from how your tax dollars are spent to the war in iraq. laura ingle is live in our new york city news room with more details. hi, laura. >> hi, kelly. the president's job performance is always an interesting question for american vote,who take part in the poll. based on president obama's
1:29 pm
performance so far 49% think the country would be better off with someone else after the next election and think that president obama deserves reelection 38%% and most americans, it's their money. the greatest one is the nation's economy, with nearly all voters either extremely or very concerned. unemployment is also beg on the list with 43% of voters saying they're extremely concerned and 49% of voters saying they are very concerned. voters personal economic situations are also a source of worry. the poll finds that 37% of voters are extremely or very worried about losing their jobs. president obama says he believes passing the small business jobs bill will be critical to the economy. >> it's a bill that will more than double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their companies. it will completely eliminate capital gains taxes on key investments. so small businesses owners can
1:30 pm
buy new equipment and can expand and accelerate 55 billion dollars in tax cuts for businesses, large and small, that make job creating investments in the next 14 months. >> the end of august also marked the end of u.s. combat operations in iraq and despite the contentious history, most american voters appear to have a positive judgment about the country's efforts in iraq, almost six in ten voters think that overall the united states did the right thing by going to war and who should get the credit if iraq is considered a success? a 54% majority of voters polled named president george w. bush as the person who should receive credit, compared to 19% who say president obama deserves most of the credit. and there is an issue, democrats and republicans can agree on, term limits. nearly 8 in 10 american voters like the idea of imposing fixed time limits in office for all members of congress, including their own senators and representatives. we've got a lot more for you on our website, and all of our poll results
1:31 pm
are listed on the politics page, go there and check it out. we've got a lot more for you. kelly. >> all right, laura, thank you. defense secretary robert gates speaking out on the state of the war in afghanistan saying militants safe havens in pakistan are what still pose a major threat to our troops, but the likelihood of direct military engagement there is, quote, very low. so, is it really possible to get afghanistan under control without tackling this major problem? joining me now to talk about it, fox military analyst, major bob scales. >> hi, jamie, hi. >> jamie: we've talked a lot about iraq, now, mission complete, at least over and now we're in afghanistan and talked about kandahar and we should talk about pakistan and that's what secretary gates is doing because we know it has been and will be a safe haven unless we root out the terrorists. how do we do that and do we have the cooperation of the government of pakistan? >> well, first of all, jamie,
1:32 pm
it's important to understand that had a theater of war and the soldiers isn't defined by political boundaries and defined by where the enemy is. as you know, the enemy is principally pashtun and cover western and eastern afghanistan, you can't fight a campaign limited by a political boundary, that the enemy is in pakistan he has to be attacked there and there's some good news here, jamie. first of all, i think that president ga lane realizes he cannot defeat the taliban in the western provinces without the u.s. help. we've seen improvement in u.s. military to military training relationships with the pakistani and increase in predator strikes that increasingly is allowed by the pakistanis. while we won't see a commitment of u.s. troops on the ground in pakistan we're seeing thawing of relationships and better u.s. military presence indirectly in pakistan itself.
1:33 pm
jamie. >> it's almost like the government of pakistan has welcomed those drone strikes, they have been very successful, it is one approach. when you look at this region as i've studied the military over now, you know, ten years, at least, that region, i have this vision of militants scurrying back and forth from one region to another region and we root them out in one area and they just go to another. how at risk are our troops as you look at the area and you know they are in pakistan and there are still some al-qaeda operatives in iraq, and we're somewhere in the middle? >> yeah, that's a great question, jamie, remember, one of the marks of dave petraeus's success in iraq, he shut down the quote rat lines between syria and the major cities of iraq and that started to break apart the al-qaeda. bigger problem in afghanistan, because of the nature of the border, and the entrenched nature of the taliban as well as what's left of al-qaeda in
1:34 pm
pakistan. i know that u.s. forces are worried about these new rat lines because of the difficulty in trying to-- in trying to cut them off, if you will. that's why we see so many operational u.s. forces that are stationed east of kandahar and east of kabul up in the mountains. and so this is a tough problem, but unless the pakistanis play the game, unless they cooperate with us and do their share in shutting down these rat lines, those infiltrations will continue for years to come, jamie. >> jamie: it's in their interest to do that, i hope they're listening to you. in the meantime we're looking at secretary gates and he made the trip to iraq first for the formal turnover ceremonies and then to afghanistan, and president karzai, who has been supportive over the years, now seems to have some differences of opinion with secretary gates. where does that stand and does that put our troops at risk if they are not on the same page? >> very interesting, jamie. after the president's speech,
1:35 pm
i got a deluge of e-mails from military friends in afghanistan. what they're telling me is this, maybe we've pushed karzai too much and maybe the anti-corruption campaign that particularly the state department, the fbi, and our d.e.a. people in the country, maybe that's getting to the point where the karzai government is trying-- is beginning to push back. and what i'm beginning to see coming out of the operational picture in afghanistan, is the u.s. command is saying, look, corruption is a problem, we have to fix it, but for right now, let's go after the taliban. let's break the back of the enemy military forces, bring the afghans on board as much as we can, back off a little bit from this anti-corruption campaign, because at the end of the day, ground troops, combat troops on the ground is what's going to term, ultimately determine whether or not we're going to be successful in afghanistan. >> so, keep the focus. major general bob scales. >> right. >> we've learned so much and take us further in our
1:36 pm
understanding every time we talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: the fbi ranks atlanta, georgia as one of the top cities with the highest incidents of child prostitution and other cities named, include new york, san francisco, miami, and the nation's capital, washington d.c. i recently traveled to atlanta to meet with groups that are joined in the fight to stop the human trafficking of girls, as young as 12 to 18, who are lured, forced, even trapped into the sex trade. take a look. atlanta, georgia, a major transportation hub that's considered a gateway to the south. the city's pulse is felt in the heartbeat of its music yet, amid all of its southern charge and hospitality, l.a., lovely atlanta, as been infected with an ugly dark side, human trafficking. >> kids get moved in here through cartels, also, and then they're moved out in just a couple of months and that's why it's so difficult to track them.
1:37 pm
>> kelly: georgia state senator says that these human trafficking cartels move girls as young as 12, from city to city, to provide sexual services for men who attend big conventions. she claims that it's common for a 50-year-old man to buy sex from a 12-year-old girl. she's on a mission to disrupt sex trafficking and she adds, the sex trade is a critical situation in urgent need of everyone's attention. >> we have to make a difference by saying, stop. we're not going to tolerate it. it's no different to me than the war on drugs. >> kelly: the statistics are alarming. in georgia, 400 to 500 young girls are sexually exploited every month and can be engaged in street prostitution, dancing in strip clubs, working in massage parlors, or appear on internet ads in craigslist, beyond state lawmakers trying to crack down on the trade various troops are on the street to rescue young girls.
1:38 pm
the international group night life which started in bangkok thailand, they're here to help sexually exploited girls. >> we're involved in, you know, prevention, intervention, restoration and education. >> kelly: libby is a recent graduate of georgia tech and grew up in michigan and never knew the trade existed until she moved to atlanta. >> i didn't know it was an issue. i found out basically when i started going to church, you know, i found my faith and found my calling. >> kelly: former police officer powell and he also launched issues to help girls. >> not only here, orlando, we've traveled to or houston, texas one the top cities, las vegas known for one of tthese activities and we're working together in a coordinated way and time, in some cases people who are in bondage in human
1:39 pm
trafficking. >> somewhere men and women and corporations own building, we're here to find out information and ask questions of the people that own these properties, about them profiting from prostitution. >> kelly: when girls are rescued from the streets. they need a place to help them heel from the emotional and physical stars. wellspring living provides the sanctuary girls are longing for and it's a home where girls can learn to step out of their pain and rebuild their lives. >> if you let people know this is a real issue, i think in their heart of hearts, they're going to agree it's not something that be tolerated and they're going to be just as passionate as you and i to become involved and make a differents. >> kelly: and that's mary francis foley of wellspring living and calls the trafficking of young girls a form of modern day slavery. one in four girls are sexually abused before they're 18 and the life expectancy of a child after getting into
1:40 pm
prostitution, is seven years with homicide and hiv/aids with the main killers and that should be enough, she says, to say in you have is enough, jamie. >> jamie: kelly, wow, shocking. folks are struggling to make ends meet and now dipping into 401(k)'s for a little cash in record numbers. we'll break down the advantages and disadvantages of doing this and how to maximize your 401(k) next. and plus, ever have to stand in the corner as punishment? i'm not saying. how about standing on the corner? one teen got a unique punishment. who handed it 0 ut? surprising. we'll tell you why. >> let him learn a lesson, this is what happens when you don't do right. >> whatever it takes to make him behave, i'm willing to do it. ♪
1:41 pm
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the human element, our conscience. and to make this journey, we have become the new order of hunters and gatherers. finding answers in the elements. and a way forward illuminated by hope. . >> jamie: i6789 welcome back. with money tight.
1:44 pm
san francisco is turning to civilians to help police with lower level crime and they come at a cheaper price and some critics say it's not as good as real cops. our claudia cowan has the story in san francisco. >> with layoffs and fewer resources, oakland police will no longer send officers to investigate nonviolent crimes, burglary, vandalism. san francisco has 15 civilian cops to do some of the work of regular officers without badges and gun and lower salary. >> this is not only about cost reduction and this is also about improvement in the quality of service and improvement in the quality of investigations. >> police chief wants to replicate a program he pioneered in mesa, arizona. for the past year, 11 civilian officers have handled calls such as burglaries, credit card fraud and car theft, freeing up cops for serious crimes and offenders.
1:45 pm
the work cut response time and now 41 suspected criminals, but the head of san francisco's police union worries about evidence collected by civilian cops holding up in court. >> you have an incha of custody issues. you have issues where they're collecting data evidence, dna. dusting for prints. are they going to see the investigations through or turn them over to another investigator. are civilians going to be sticking around in this job as most of us made a 30 year commitment to this job. >> police commissioner says that civilian cops shouldn't work certain cases, but with the right training could help victims and save taxpayers moan. >> these are folks, if not through the police academy and that in itself is expensive. when you add that with the salary, it's half the cost and in tough budget times it's worth looking at this. >> reporter: while overall crime is down in san francisco, officers had to respond to more than 3000 burglaries and the chief is hopeful that number will drop and other crimes will be
1:46 pm
resolved faster, once civilian officers are on the case, starting in january. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. >> kelly: thanks, claudia. >> jamie: meanwhile, when a florida teen got in trouble for fighting, his mom chose to teach him a very public lesson. would you do this? 13-year-old freddy mccloud's mom made him stand on the street corner wearing a sign, a bright green one and reads "i don't know how to behave in school. if i continue i will end up working hard for little money" sound embarrassing? his mom says she knows the feeling. >> i told him, it's an embarrassment to me to have to have the school call me over and over and over again when i'm trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> jamie: freddy is not uch is a little boy and didn't look happy about the sign, but did what he was told and says he has learned his lesson. >> kelly: okay.
1:47 pm
well, there's a new report finding a record number of americans are pulling out cash from 401(k)'s, what are the advantages and disadvantages of early withdrawals? we'll have that and more next.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
>> there are record number of cash strapped americans that are making early withdrawals from their 401 can. 's and retirement accounts and may be the worst time to do it. because despite the dismal economy if you have been watching the markets are showing signs of life. what are the advantages and disadvantages of early withdrawal. should you do it at all? from d.c. asset management. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> tell us if you have to do it, is there a way to do it or should you know the consider
1:51 pm
it at all? >> if you have to do it, probably take it out as a loan, but i'll point out. even if you take it out as a loan and don't pay this back it's going to be taxed as income for the year you take it out and in addition, if you're under 59 1/2, add a 10% penalty. >> jamie: look at the markets last week, a little bit of a rally. if you have a 401(k), should you take a look at what you invested in and change your asset allocation? >> probably a good time to take a look at that. investors have been hiding in bonds, with treasury yields at generational lows, maybe it's time to look at something else. you can construct a pretty good high quality portfolio, diversified across the board with yields, an average yield approaching 4% and i find that far more attractive. >> jamie: you say there are equities to invest in and stocks that pay yield equivalent to what we're getting on bonds. >> there were. >> jamie: how do you get that
1:52 pm
information? >> i would seek a financial professional, if not, try do do the homework yourself. there are screens at various websites and find high yielding stocks like in the telephone sector and names we own are century link and bce out of canada and energy, and find names like chevron, well-known names. >> jamie: that's interesting and finally, commercials even for limited partnerships that's something that the average investigator can invest in. what are those and do you recommend them? >> i don't recommend them for the average investor. i recommend them for professionals and also an added caveat that you get a limited partnership you'll be dealing with a k-1 at the end of the year, a tax form. seek advice from a professional or certainly your accountant. >> jamie: one more question on bonds. they are paying lower yields. have never been negative? is your money at least safe there that you put in? >> well, there actually was a period of time in 2008 where t-bill yields were negative. people were so frightened including professionals they were willing to buy a t-bill
1:53 pm
for a negative rate of turn. >> jamie: david nelson we can't all afford someone like you privately, but nice to have you here. >> thank you, jamie. >> kelly: that was free advice there. well, as you fire up the grill for labor day, you might want to get fired up about e. coli. a rare strain in ground beef making people sick across the country. dr. mark segal is a member of the fox news medical aid team, joining us from detroit today. hello, doctor, it's good to see you. >> hi, kelly, good to see you. >> let's get to it. another e. coli outbreak and this time at the time of the ground beef and the timing couldn't be worse and it's the weekend for some barbecuing and what say you about all of this that's going on? >> well, you know, kelly, i do think that more regulations would help, but i have to tell you that the problem is that this e. coli is rampant
1:54 pm
everywhere, in cows, in intestines, it doesn't make them sick, but it gets into the fertilizer, into the water, into the feed and even tougher regulations wouldn't necessarily do it. this is a cousin of the 0157 e. coli very deadly owe potentially and this one 026 can cause bloody diarrhea, die hydrated tough during the heatwave and also can cause kidney failure, something we have to watch out for. you've got to cook your meat thorough will i to 160 degrees, make sure you don't have a pink center and keep your plates separate. raw separate from the cooked meat and get the utensils sterilized, key tips. >> kelly: that's key advice especially getting cooked well. a lot of people like the meat medium rare and you're suggesting that's not the case this time around? >> you know, and kelly, it takes very little of this e. coli to get you sick, simply
1:55 pm
washing your hands is not enough. you've got to cook it out. it's on the surface of the meat and even with the usda taking a closer look at this, which i like, it's hard to get rid of this stuff. we overtreat our cows with antibiotics and get more and more resistent bacteria and back on our end in the kitchen you've got to be more and more vigilant how your prepare your food. use lysol on your common surfaces, cook your meat through and again, make sure you get your utensils sterilized as well. >> kelly: what about the meat that we buy in other places and processed and put out in the market? >> you know, that's a significant problem and that's part of the problem here. cargill is recalling about 8300 pounds of this meat. enormous amount, but kelly,s a you point out it spreads all over the country. it can be made in one state and then spread to another. eight states are involved so on the consumer end all we can do is be more vigilant. you don't know, just because it came from california, it may end up in new york and you
1:56 pm
obviously can buy your meat locally, produced locally, but again, you can have a problem with infected meat there, too. once it gets to the grill, you've got to cook it through. this is labor day coming up i like my meat well done. >> kelly: i like mine well done, too, washing your hands, separating the food on the grill and hotdogs, does the ground beef e. coli affect hotdogs as well? >> absolutely. it can affect hotdogs, it's processed can get into the hot dog late in the process not necessarily early. i don't want to scare people out there. the cases of light threatening kidney failure, that's small, but tell you what's high, the diarrhea, fever, bloody diarrhea you can get dehydrated and only three people nationwide affected by the the strain, but be careful out there. >> kelly: we'll be careful here. that's it for us, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, if you do what the doc says you'll have a fine labor day weekend.
1:57 pm
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